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Starview Heights Homes

Starview Heights Homes

The homes here at Starview Heights are built with expansive porches (both front and back) to encourage you to linger outside and enjoy the spectacular mountain top views.

Living in Starview Heights is reminiscent of the days when neighbors were more than just semi-strangers who parked their cars near yours; folks who you only knew from a head nod or from an occasional wave now and again.

Each house is situated not only to take maximum advantage of the panoramic views available but also to invite interaction with your neighbors.

Starview Heights is really about people who care.  As one homeowner put it…

“All of our neighbors are like the best people…they are more like friends than neighbors. And you can count on them for just about anything.”


Starview Heights Homes - WaterFall

Why Choose Starview Heights?

1 – We Have Some of the Best Quality Built Houses Around.
All of our homes are constructed using premium materials and each and every one is custom-built for you and your family. You will get nothing subpar or sub-standard from us. All of our homes are built using our Starview Standard Specifications.

2 – We live here in Western North Carolina.
The Starview Heights Development company is operated by people who actually live here, so we know what it feels like to be part of this community. We’re not run by some remote corporation that is only interested in getting their hands on your money.

We want to help you find the best place to live, rather than just earning ourselves a fat commission and then leaving you hanging out to dry.

3 – Our Homes Really Hold their Value.
We understand that most people don’t purchase a house and just forget about it’s potential investment value. This means our Homeowner’s Association works hard to help you maintain your property values, without a lot of extra costs or hassles.

And because we are local people, if you have any questions or need help, we will get back to you within a matter of days – not weeks or months!

4 – Starview Heights Home Plans are Top-Notch.

We have a wonderful array of elegant home plans to choose from – ranging from single-level homes to two-story house with full basements.  Our builders have been carefully selected and are always ready to help you create the home of your dreams.

Starview Heights Home Plans


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Starview Heights home that was SOLD recently]

If you are interested in building or buying a home in a community that cares then we invite you to contact Skye Streppa,  Our Broker Associate. You can call Skye at Tel: 828.713.5690 or contact him by email: TeamStreppa@gmail.com.