Is the Starview community gated?


A Secured Community

Yes, Starview Heights is a gated mountain community with a solid HOA (Homeowner’s Association).  According to internationally acclaimed security consultant, Jordan Frankel of Global Security Experts,

“As a 20-year security veteran, I am of the opinion that gated communities not only provide a solid physical barrier, but also act as a psychological deterrent for would-be criminals.”


Of course there are other advantages of living in a gated community as well:

Reduced traffic. There tends to be a lot less and slower car traffic on the streets of a gated community. This naturally cuts down on the noise levels and makes for a safer playing environment for any neighborhood kids.

Decreased number of solicitors. A secured gate prevents door-to-door solicitors from coming and going at will. This discourages strangers from attempting to visit the neighborhood, which significantly decreases the number of folks that can come knocking at your door.

Specific community rules and standards. Any good gated community will have certain rules and standards that its residents must follow. The benefit of a solid HOA is that it requires everyone to take care of their homes and surrounding property, which in turn can help keep up the value of the community’s homes.

Yet we do understand that living in a gated community like Starview Heights isn’t for everyone. That is why we invite you to schedule a tour today to come see Starview Heights for yourself.