What is Starview Heights’ source of water?


Originally incorporated in 1875, the Town of Weaverville provides part of the Starview Heights community with city water and sewer services.  The homes not serviced by the Town of Weaverville are on a public water system.

The Ivy River watershed is the source of drinking water for the Town of Weaverville. It is also a back-up water supply for the Town of Mars Hill and the University of Mars Hill.

The Town of Weaverville also maintains connections with the Asheville-Buncombe Regional Water Authority and the Town of Mars Hill Water System in case an emergency supply is ever needed.

Weaverville Watershed Fast Facts

The Ivy River has two forks: the Big Ivy Creek and the Little Ivy Creek. They combine at the Highway 19/23 (new I-26) Bridge to form the Ivy River.


The Big Ivy Creek originates deep in the Pisgah National Forest, while the Little Ivy Creek comes from one of the most agriculturally rich areas of Madison County, just north of Weaverville.

The Big Ivy section of the Pisgah Forest contains over 3,600 acres of old-growth forests and is home to at least 40 rare and endangered species. Native brook trout spawn in the Big Ivy Creek headwaters, which is a federally protected and monitored drinking water supply.