Aerial Photo of Starview Heights from a Drone

How many homes are planned?

The community will be a total of 65 homes.  40 have already been built, sold, or are currently under construction.  Basically we have sold out a little over two thirds of our project to date and between the remaining lots in Phase 1 & 2, we have around 20 home lots remaining for you to choose from.
Below is our most current site map. Click to view larger image


What would my property taxes be like?

One of the great benefits of Starview are the low taxes because we are located just in Buncombe County and not in the town of Weaverville.
This keeps taxes down for our homeowner’s, yet we still benefit from the many city amenities available.  Taxes for most homes in the home plans mentioned, range anywhere from $1800 per year to $2500 per year.


Originally incorporated in 1875, the Town of Weaverville provides part of the Starview Heights community with city water and sewer services.  The homes not serviced by the Town of Weaverville are on a public water system.

The Ivy River watershed is the source of drinking water for the Town of Weaverville. It is also a back-up water supply for the Town of Mars Hill and the University of Mars Hill.

The Town of Weaverville also maintains connections with the Asheville-Buncombe Regional Water Authority and the Town of Mars Hill Water System in case an emergency supply is ever needed.

Weaverville Watershed Fast Facts

The Ivy River has two forks: the Big Ivy Creek and the Little Ivy Creek. They combine at the Highway 19/23 (new I-26) Bridge to form the Ivy River.


The Big Ivy Creek originates deep in the Pisgah National Forest, while the Little Ivy Creek comes from one of the most agriculturally rich areas of Madison County, just north of Weaverville.

The Big Ivy section of the Pisgah Forest contains over 3,600 acres of old-growth forests and is home to at least 40 rare and endangered species. Native brook trout spawn in the Big Ivy Creek headwaters, which is a federally protected and monitored drinking water supply.

If a buyer is just interested in purchasing a lot in our community and building at a later date, we will sell just lots.
Our home lot prices start at $40,000 and go up to $150,000. On the other hand if a buyer is looking for pricing on a Lot/Home Package, our prices start at $350,000 and go up to $500,000.

The homeowners at Starview Heights have made the ultimate investment in their north Buncombe County community – they took over when the developer of their gated community was foreclosed upon and out of the picture.

Four homeowners are the developers. The group took over the property in 2012. Since that time, many home lots have been sold, and several spec homes have been built – all on the 23-acre mountainside with views from Mount Pisgah in the west to far into the High County to the north.


A Secured Community

Yes, Starview Heights is a gated mountain community with a solid HOA (Homeowner’s Association).  According to internationally acclaimed security consultant, Jordan Frankel of Global Security Experts,

“As a 20-year security veteran, I am of the opinion that gated communities not only provide a solid physical barrier, but also act as a psychological deterrent for would-be criminals.”


Of course there are other advantages of living in a gated community as well:

Reduced traffic. There tends to be a lot less and slower car traffic on the streets of a gated community. This naturally cuts down on the noise levels and makes for a safer playing environment for any neighborhood kids.

Decreased number of solicitors. A secured gate prevents door-to-door solicitors from coming and going at will. This discourages strangers from attempting to visit the neighborhood, which significantly decreases the number of folks that can come knocking at your door.

Specific community rules and standards. Any good gated community will have certain rules and standards that its residents must follow. The benefit of a solid HOA is that it requires everyone to take care of their homes and surrounding property, which in turn can help keep up the value of the community’s homes.

Yet we do understand that living in a gated community like Starview Heights isn’t for everyone. That is why we invite you to schedule a tour today to come see Starview Heights for yourself.



Q: What home builders do you recommend?

We have some of the very best builders in WNC to choose from. Currently our most active builder in the community is Kyle Gilliland with Amarx Construction. (

Also Joe Vogler of JB Vogler Construction is another builder in the community that is starting on his 4th home in the development.

Skye Streppa (the Keller Williams broker for Starview Heights) said in an recent interview,

“Both contractors do a quality product that lasts… [that] suits the neighborhood, because everyone here has an investment in their neighbor’s success.”

Of course, our clients do have the option to consult and bring in their own builder as well.



Yes, we have two spec homes that are for sale currently. Both are under construction and are nearing completion.

The first home is at 118 Starview Knoll and 6 Brilliant Sunset Lane. The prices are $359,000 and $389,000 respectively (click to view our homes for sale here).

Both are being built using our Starview Standards:



  • Moen Fixtures (Or Similar Model) and Accessories
  • Granite Countertops
  • Waypoint 36” Cabinets (Or Similar Model) with dovetail finishes and soft-close drawers
  • Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Whirlpool appliances with Gas Range (Or Similar Model)


To see what other finishes come with a Starview home, click here > Starview Standard Finishes

Lots for Sale in Starview Heights - Construct the home of your dreams

Q: Can we still get a home lot to build on?

Yes!  We have sold out a little over two thirds of our project to date and between the remaining lots in Phase 1 & 2, we have around 20 remaining to choose from.

Our lots usually range from .14 to .18 acre in size. They all have city water, sewer & natural gas. Not to mention spectacular year-round scenic views. Check out some of the views from our lots below…


home sizes in Starview Heights

Q: Home Sizes in Starview Heights?

Most of our homes average around 2200 square feet.  Yet our homes can range anywhere from 1800 square ft (the smallest home plan we offer is The Leo) to 3500 square ft (the largest home design we have is The Starburst).

The Starburst

All of our home designs can be modified to meet the needs of you and your family, depending on the floor plan you choose. but of course you are always welcome to build something bigger!